The international service provider for hail damage repair, DRS Group (DRS), founded in 2007 in Germany, and the American paintless dent repair company, Dent Master Inc., proudly announce their official joint venture, commencing in January 2024. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, establishing them as an industrial leader in hail damage repair with unparalleled capabilities and a flexible infrastructure.

By merging DRS’s specialized know-how and meticulous approach with Dent Masters strong local presence and proactive mindset they are set to create new service and capability standards in the US market.

Since its inception, DRS has been a key player in the hail damage repair sector. Their partnership with Dent Master, beginning in 2018, has culminated in this joint venture, solidifying their position as a formidable force in the market. This strategic alliance is poised to benefit car manufacturers (OEMs), dealerships, and insurance companies with world-leading, cost-effective repair techniques. Their network includes technicians in local markets and a team of certified technicians ready to dispatch anywhere in the US, Mexico, and Canada, regardless of the damage size or vehicle quantity.

Dent Master and DRS offer a comprehensive list of services, setting new industry benchmarks. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their exceptional paintless dent repair and pioneering smart repair solutions, ensuring top-tier results. This collaboration represents a dedication to industry excellence, promising a seamless and worry-free experience for all.

Both companies have serviced manufacturing and holding facilities for car manufacturers, automotive dealers of all makes across the country, in addition to providing services to collision centers and retail customers.

By combining resources, Dent Master and DRS will provide services ranging from skilled technicians and estimators to collision centers, to rapid on-site hail damage repair for dealers and industrial customers.

  • Danny Ralf Stepputis, Founder and CEO of DRS Group International, will play an active role in advising and mentoring the leadership team of the Joint Venture. Danny brings his experience dealing with industrial hail damage claims globally and creating one of the worldwide leading PDR companies with additional subsidiary companies providing smart repairs and an ever growing number of collision centers in Europe.
  • Yanni Arvis, the Managing Partner of Dent Master, will lead the operations of both companies under the Joint Venture. Yanni will be using his extensive knowledge and experience dealing with car dealerships both from the dealership perspective as well as from the perspective as a hail damage repair service provider.
  • Christian Botnariu, Managing Director of DRS USA, will have an active role in managing all aspects of operations in the joint venture. Christians extensive knowledge in the manufacturing side of the auto industry from his time working at Volkswagen and as a consultant with Audi in quality management, will bring the know-how necessary for efficient, streamlined quality operations.
  • Dmitri Nikulin, Director of Field Operations and a Partner within Dent Master, will take on the responsibilities as Director of Sales in addition to his role leading all field operations for the Joint Venture. For 20 years, he has been on the ground running operations for Dent Master, making him an expert when it comes to customer satisfaction, team coordination, and ensuring that every challenge the customer faces is resolved in a professional manner with minimal to no effect to them.

„I am extremely pleased about the opportunities presented by this remarkable joint venture. Our collaboration with Dent Master signifies a commitment to setting new industry standards in hail damage repair. Together, we are well-equipped to provide unmatched quality and service to our customers without sacrificing any of our values. << Quality is not negotiable. >> By putting all DRS’s resources from Germany and worldwide behind this joint venture, we can complement Dent Master’s already great team,“ said Danny Ralf Stepputis.

„The joint venture sets a strong foundation for future operations. Combining DRS’s know-how with our resources enables us to expand our services. After working with DRS on different national and international projects, we have found in this collaboration a perfect match to uphold our values of customer satisfaction, quality, and investment in the success of our technicians and team members for the future,“ stated Yanni Arvis.

„We already have a strong presence in the US, but this joint venture propels us to new heights. After collaborating in many operations with Dent Master since 2018, we are certain that they are the right partners for expanding our services, especially adding capacities with a strong focus on post-production services for manufacturers,“ said Christian Botnariu.

“The success of this joint venture will be based on a quote we’ve been operating Dent Master under since it was brought up to me. << The key to success for an operation are five pillars: Safety, quality, delivery, cost and moral. >>”, added Dmitri Nikulin.

This joint venture not only cements their status as industry leaders but also signifies a commitment to customer satisfaction, efficiency, and quality of service. As the venture grows, it is poised to create more opportunities for technicians and solutions for customers.

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