From over 100 successfully resolved major damage events involving more than 500,000 vehicles in 21 countries, we have elaborated relationships, modules and benchmarks which have been incorporated into the development of the performance platform.

Industrial Vehicle Repair Management

DRS is equipped for repairing major vehicle damages like no other company. We achieve the best productive and qualitative performance results for our customers by combining craftsmanship with productive work processes, working methods, quality assurance steps and digital standards. Due to it’s high priority, the continuous development of high DRS standards is centrally assigned to the Executive Management.

  • Customer requirements
  • Capacity for major damage events, currently with up to 40,000 vehicles per major damage event
  • Continuous improvement process for
    • Enhancement of craftsmanship standards and results
    • New working methods and techniques
    • Enhancement of quality and service standards
    • Optimization of work processes and steps
    • Investment costs and time expenditure per damaged vehicle
    • Intensive integration of digital technology

We are your partner for hail and other major vehicle damage.

With industrial thinking, efficient processes and the highest quality standards.