From over 100 successfully resolved major damage events involving more than 500,000 vehicles in 21 countries, we have elaborated relationships, modules and benchmarks which have been incorporated into the development of the performance platform.

The DRS Group’s Modular High-Performance Platform

The higher the number of damaged vehicles and vehicle variants, the more essential the modular high-performance platform is for manufacturers and insurance companies. DRS uses it to provide process and service capacities that are immediately predictable, highly productive and can be quickly implemented to meet the requirements, including continuous quality inspection and documentation. This includes the establishment of multi-shift repair lines that are optimized to suit the environment, enabling us to considerably limit the economic and temporal dimensions of the major damage event for manufacturers and insurance companies.

DRS Modular High Performance Platform

Modular requisition,
operational and throughput processes

To ensure a successful, productive operational and throughput process, we consider the

  • Customer requirements and customer wishes
  • Location (national, international) and logistics connections
  • Local environment for setting things up and locations of repair facilities for an intelligent work-flow with implementation in multi-shift operation (inbound delivery, disassembly, damage repair, painting, assembly, outbound delivery, customer service)
  • Number of damaged vehicles and vehicle models
  • Qualification and deployment of staff

quality inspection

Systematic and rigorous quality testing allows DRS to achieve extremely low complaint rates and above-average customer satisfaction ratings. This ensures economic benefits and time resources to our customers. As a founding member of BVAT, we began setting the standards for quality and corporate responsibility in the industry early on. We continue to do so today and will consistently continue to do so in the future. Thus the DRS Group is not only DIN ISO certified. We are also following our own high quality guidelines.

  • Quality inspection by certified DRS experts
  • Quality checks at several process points
  • Quality results documented in the DRS damage management software

We are your partner for hail and other major vehicle damage.

With industrial thinking, efficient processes and the highest quality standards.