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Our corporate culture is shaped by values, respect and the aim of constantly making progress. That makes us successful; offers employees varied, long-term prospects and wins the trust of our customers in our achievements.

DRS – The company

The DRS Group has set itself the core objective of becoming one of the leading companies in repairing hail, production and transport damage for vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies and dealer associations. The high level of satisfaction among our customers, who are located all around the world, and the performance of our staff are respected in the industry and make a significant contribution to our dynamic growth of the last years.

One reason for the high level of satisfaction is our flexibility, speed, cost-effectiveness and service standards, all with an extremely low complaint rate in cases of major damage. As a result, we are able to reduce the economic loss and the resulting commitment of time for our customers, in some cases significantly. With greater efforts and investment, we want to consolidate and build on the advantage our service provides in the coming years.

As a founding member of BVAT (German Association of Dent and Hail Damage Repair), we began setting the standards for quality and corporate responsibility in the industry early on. We continue to do so today and will consistently continue to do so in the future. Thus the DRS Group is not only DIN ISO certified. We are also following our own high quality guidelines. Thus the DRS Group is not only DIN ISO certified, but also has a strong commitment to climate protection. This is confirmed by our KlimaInvest certification.

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Employees employed worldwide

Milestones – DRS Group

2nd World record – Mexico, largest single order in history: 34.000 vehicles in 7 weeks

2017 <br> 2nd World record – Mexico, largest single order in history: 34.000 vehicles in 7 weeks

Opening of the DRS Smart Repair Center in Lehre near Braunschweig

2015 <br>Opening of the DRS Smart Repair Center in Lehre near Braunschweig</br>

World record in Latin America, 15,000 cars in 7 weeks

2015 <br>World record in Latin America, 15,000 cars in 7 weeks</br>

Market entry in Turkey

2014 <br>Market entry in Turkey</br>

New DRS subsidiary in South Africa

2013 <br>New DRS subsidiary in South Africa</br>

First major damage repair order in the United States

New DRS subsidiary in the USA

2012 <br>First major damage repair order in the United States </br> <br>New DRS subsidiary in the USA</br>

Market entry in France, Slovakia, Argentina

Market entry in the Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Croatia

Expansion of DRS as a global player in the area of hail damage

2010 <br>Expansion of DRS as a global player in the area of hail damage</br>

Market entry in Australia

New DRS subsidiary in Switzerland

2009 <br>New DRS subsidiary in Switzerland</br>

First major damage repair order by a manufacturer

Market entry in Switzerland, Austria

2008 <br>Market entry in Switzerland, Austria</br>

Market entry in Denmark

2007 <br>Market entry in Denmark</br>

Founding of the DRS Group

We are synonymous with high performance and the highest standards.

Danny Ralf Stepputis
Danny Ralf StepputisCEO
“We provide top services for our customers worldwide and continuously set new standards. We rely on trust in our capability, our teams and our understanding of the market.”
Daniela Jana Jenisch
Daniela Jana JenischAuthorized Representative &
Head of Business Projects
“DRS is like no other company in the industry. We not only understand our trade – that goes without saying for us. We particularly understand our customers’ current and future challenges – that’s our business.”
Martin Jäger
Martin Jäger CFO
“On the basis of the modular DRS high-performance platform and with our Smart Repair Centers, our international teams can deal with major vehicle damage anywhere in the world at very short notice and at the highest standards of quality and productivity.”

Danny Ralf Stepputis founded the DRS Group in 2006 after many years of experience and a successful career in the industry. He established and managed the expansion in Germany, eastern Europe, North America and South Africa and established new working methods, processes, performance and quality benchmarks. He also developed the innovative modular DRS high-performance platform for major vehicle damage.


Daniela Jana Jenisch joined the company in 2008 and is responsible for the entire operational division and for marketing. Since 2011, she has been an Authorized Representative of the company and the Quality Management Officer for DIN ISO certification.


Having held a number of positions in finance and controlling with corporations and medium-sized enterprises, Martin Jaeger was appointed CFO of the DRS Group in 2014. He is responsible for the entire HR and commercial division of the Group.


Vision 100%
Internationalism 100%
Flexibility 100%
Service 100%
Team 100%
Productivity 100%
Productivity 100%
Cost-effectiveness 100%
High performance 100%

We are your partner for hail and other major vehicle damage.

With industrial thinking, efficient processes and the highest quality standards.