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DRS damage management software is the highly-effective basis for the industrial handling of our customer projects.

DRS Damage Management Software

DRS damage management software is the highly-effective basis for the industrial handling of our project and repair processes. The software specially developed by the DRS Group covers all planning, repair and implementation steps. We can thus display and check the status of each individual subsection at any time. To ensure long-term transparent documentation, each vehicle is also assigned an electronic damage file. This allows maximum transparency and efficiency in managing the different aspects of our customer projects. By continuously optimizing and developing the software tool, our IT experts always keep us one step ahead of the latest developments, making us one of the leading suppliers in this area too. Some car manufacturers, for example, are already using the tool as a separate system

The basis for the economical solution of any scale of damage

With the DRS damage management software, we have developed a special IT solution that is tailor-made to meet the economic requirements for repairing vehicle damage.


Mapping all planning and productivity processes

Based on a versatile technical structure and leveraging our long-term experience in repairing hail damage, the DRS damage management software allows us to capture and display all the planning, productivity and implementation processes at any time.


Quickly and individually adaptable to customer and project requirements

The fact that manufacturers are already using our software solution in-house confirms our tool’s high level of practicality. The design of the DRS damage management software allows us to quickly adapt it to customer or project-specific requirements.


Ongoing development with a constant focus on the future

Our in-house IT department looks after the ongoing development of the DRS damage management software, allowing us to guarantee both practicality and sustainability. This structure also offers maximum flexibility – essential for dealing with our customers’ damage claims.


The IT and software basis that ensures cost-effective implementation for any scale of damage.

Development hours
Mapped processes
Percent of time savings
Saving tons of paper

Sustainable, intuitive orientation

The design of the DRS damage management software takes into account our high standards for intuitive operation and sustainability. To do this, our IT professionals focus on making daily use as easy as possible in practice as well as optimally covering current and future requirements.

Recognized and versatile in use

The DRS damage management software is already being used as an in-house IT platform by car manufacturers – confirming the quality, practicality and adaptability of our developments.

We are your partner for hail and other major vehicle damage.

With industrial thinking, efficient processes and the highest quality standards.