March 2017

On March 27, 2007 – the small ‘Dent Repair Service’ company made it’s entry in the commercial register in Hamburg and here’s where everything started: DRS took off as a small business and proved itself in a short time as a recognized and worldwide operating specialist for large-scale hail damage repairs.

Fast and healthy growth was the key on the way to success: Business decisions, qualification of employees, process development and quality services were all based on customer orientation. Wherever hail claims occur, DRS needs to flexible to be on site very fast. Founder Danny Ralf Stepputis set this as his and his teams’ priority number one and developed internal performance and quality requirements in collaboration with his customers.

The rapid growth gave rise to new requirements for the founder. He had to create a broader and worldwide organizational structure and processes, which are even more flexible and enable the team to act more powerful. By now, DRS Group has attracted more and more attention: The operations extended from Eastern Europe, through South Africa to America and Australia.

“Success is always the result of satisfied customers and that is our benchmark. We followed our customers worldwide, maintaining a consistently high quality and reliability”, says Danny Ralf Stepputis. With this approach, he even increased in speed and intensity while upscaling performance and organizational structure. A new board of directors was established, processes were digitized and mapped in a mobile claim management software. A modular high-performance platform was developed and implemented with the objective to adapt various service requirements and following the automotive industry standards. Nowadays, this software is used by renowned car manufacturers as an information and communication platform.

“We can state that we are more connected to our customers due to our performance and quality and at the same time, we were able to set ourselves apart from our competitors. That’s good news for our highly committed employees”, emphasizes Stepputis.

A result of all that can be seen in a world record that DRS set in 2015 in Latin America: 15,000 vehicles were repaired in just 7 weeks with an extremely low (and also record breaking) number of claims.

Intensive customer proximity is proved with DRS’ technical headquarter for body repairs, mechanics, smart repairs and paint shop in Lehre close to Wolfsburg. The demands from private customers, insurance companies and manufacturers can be met simultaneously which underlines DRS’ comprehensive approach.

Manufacturers, insurance companies and car dealerships nowadays entrust us with their large-scale claims and at the same time, private customers drop off their vehicles for smart repairs. DRS’ future will be based on the successful history and its roots because a successful past is the basis for a successful future.